Deublin Rotaing Unions High Pressure Hydraulic Unions for Wind Energy Application
Deublin Rotating Electrical Slip Rings

美国Deublin应用于风能领域的高压液压旋转接头。风电领域 DEUBLIN 旋接器。 “竭尽全力制造旋接器市场中的最佳产品”,坚持这一原则,并持续不断地创新,使DEUBLIN 杜布林公司从1945年的一家美国小作坊发展成为当今世界上最大的旋接器制造商。在广泛的工业领域,无论介质是水、蒸汽、液压油、热油、冷却液、润滑剂或其他特殊介质,当这些介质被运送或穿过旋转的机器部件如滚筒、轴或锭子等时,都需要用到旋接器。 进入中国十多年来,杜博林deublin旋转接头和金风科技、Vestas维斯塔斯、Gamesa歌美飒风电(天津)有限公司、中国明阳风电集团有限公司、国电联合动力技术有限公司、浙江运达风电股份有限公司、湘电风能、东方电气、上海电气、中船重工(重庆)海装风电设备有限公司、保定惠德风电 、浙江韵达风电、华谊风电、湖北国策风电、西门子海上风电、北重集团风电等厂家供货配套并建立了长期的战略合作关系。

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Deublin Rotating Electrical Slip Rings

Deublin提供电滑环,采用久经考验的技术,实现电信号和电力的长期、高质量旋转传输。Deublin滑环设计用于各种应用,包括半导体生产、风力涡轮机、工业自动化和定向钻井。Deublin offers Electrical Slip Rings utilizing proven technology for long lasting, high quality rotary transmission of electrical signal and power. Deublin slip rings are designed for a variety of applications including semi-conductor production, wind turbines, industrial automation and directional drilling.


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Deublin slip rings are designed with consideration for all user experiences from ease of installation, ease of maintenance and optimal product life. Our Engineering approach starts with a complete understanding of the application, both performance and environmental specifications. Deublin then combines this understanding with our decades of rotational design experience and exceptional product quality to deliver a world class product and customer experience.


Deublin是工业部门和风电行业使用的旋转工会的领先制造商。Deublin在实现复杂旋转接头应用方面积累了数十年的经验,开发出的电气滑环能够满足当今苛刻环境的要求。DEUBLIN is the leading manufacturer of rotating unions for use in the industrial sector and wind power industry. Building on decades of experience in the implementation of sophisticated rotating union applications, DEUBLIN has developed electrical slip rings in such a way that they meet the requirements of today’s demanding environments.

电气滑环采用最新技术,以保证长期运行和信号与电源的可靠连接。The electrical slip rings use the newest technology in order to guarantee long-term operation and a reliable connection of signalling and power.

DEUBLIN slip rings were developed in order to meet the demands of industrial manufacturers for a longer operating lifespan. The integrated system was optimized with the help of special material configurations which are designed to enable a hundred million of rotations, whereby long-term smooth operation at high capacity is achieved. What is most important for DEUBLIN during the development phase is high reliability which significantly reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

Slip Ring

与所有Deublin产品一样,我们的滑环在投入使用前经过100%测试,并采用最现代的制造工艺制造。耐用的技术确保性能稳定可靠,免维护运行。As with all DEUBLIN products, our slip rings are 100% tested before being used operationally and they are manufactured using the most modern of manufacturing processes. Durable technology ensures constant and reliable performance and maintenance-free operation.


Off-shore wind turbine union, slip ring
and encoder. A complete DEUBLIN
solution providing hydraulics, electrical
power, EtherCAT and position.
DEUBLIN Rotating Electrical Slip Rings
Industrial control slip ring for mounting
around a 165mm shaft
DEUBLIN’S custom graphite
power brush holder
Slip ring and union combination in one
integrated assembly
Rugged 1 channel slip ring with thru bore
for construction industry
Slip ring without cover, using wires on gold-plated rings
DEUBLIN Rotating Electrical Slip Rings
Automotive Transfer Line

- American Auto Plant
- Body Welding Station
- 10 Channel Slip Ring
- Profinet Protocol
- 24V DC 10A Power
- 150 psi air passage
Wind Turbine
- Danish Manufacturer
- 22 Channel Slip Ring
- Hydrostatic Union
- Package Assembly
- 750VDC, 10A Power
- 260VAC, 10A Power
- 30V DC / 1A Communication
- Through hole, mounting for Fiber Optic Joint
Wafer Processing Machine

- Semiconductor Plating半导体电镀
- 4 Channel Slip Ring
- 24V 10A Power
- 2 Passage Air Union
- Fully Integrated Design
Wafer Processing Machine

- Semiconductor Polishing半导体抛光
- 10 Channel Slip Ring
- 48V 4A Power
- Real Time Ethernet

On-Shore and Off-Shore Wind Energy Farms

- Power supply up to 250 A
- Transmission of Ethernet and Profibus signals
- Resistant to shock and vibration
- Protection class IP 54 - IP 66

DEUBLIN Electrical Slip Rings标准产品:
Easy to order
Modular design to fit specific needs
Quick lead time
Deublin quality and warranty
Adaptable mounting options

DEUBLIN slip rings undergoing life cycle tests


DEUBLIN Electrical Slip Rings Capabilities

Up to 1000 Volts AC (single or three phase) or DC.
Up to 250 Amperes AC or DC.
Signal types:
Analog signals such as sensors, thermocouples, audio, video, etc. Digital signals such as Ethernet, PROFIBUS, CANbus, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and other logic control.
EMI shielding:
Shielding of analog, digital, RF and Microwave signals to prevent crosstalk with other signals
and/or AC/DC power.
Slip ring brush technology:
Monofilament or multi-fiber precious metal (Palladium, Silver or Gold). Carbon based (Graphite,
Copper/Graphite, Silver/Graphite). Actual brush material and technology is selected based on
power or signal requirements.
Electrical Connection:
Cables/leads (length as specified by the customer), circular industrial or military connectors,
modular industrial connectors, RJ45, screw or spring terminal blocks, etc.
Flanged rotor mount, threaded rotor mount, or hollow rotor mount. Through bore slip ring (hollow rotor mount) is optional to allow line(s) for other media to be routed through the center of the slip ring.
Rotational speed:
Up to 10,000 rpm.
Operating life:
Up to 200,000,000 cycles (rotations).
Ingress protection rating:
Up to IP66 or NEMA 12

Rotating Electrical Slip Rings

- 0-25 rpm
- 0-350 bar peak pressure
- -40 °C to +70 °C ambient operating
- Corrosion classes up to C5M for severe
off shore conditions
- High shock resistance
- Multiple passages for fluid and cable
- Easy lifting
- Customized marking, tracking barcode
- 25 years design life


Custom made
Leverage standard components
Competitive pricing
Rapid response
User friendly design
Integrated Rotary Joints

Traditional fluid media + electrical power & signal
Vast proven product database for traditional fluid media
Variety of transmission technologies from conventional sliding contacts to contactless for high data throughput
From an integrated, bundled unit to modular plug and play design

美国杜博林导电滑环市场应用DEUBLIN slip rings Applications Slip Ring Industries:Wind Turbines风力发电机组、Construction Equipment建筑设备、Semiconductor半导体行业、Industrial工业、Plastic Molding Machine注塑机 塑料成型机、Food Processing食品加工、Tooling Machines机床、Wind Energy风能、Winding Machines绕线机、Centrifuges离心机、Semi Conductor Production半导体生产线、Directional Drilling Machines水平定向钻机、Handling Machines装卸机械、Robotics机器人、Pick &Place Machines拾取和放置机械 and Turnables转盘。


Electrical Slip Rings Applications

- Turntable / Index table
- Transfer line automation
- Wind turbine pitch systems
- Semiconductor wafer processing
- Directional drilling
- Plastic molders
- Roll heating
- Printing
- Marine machinery
- Satellite communications
- Food and Beverage
- Industrial washers
- Welding
- Union Slip Ring Package for Automotive Transfer Line
- Union Slip Ring Package for Wind Turbine
- Fully Integrated Union/Slip Ring for Semiconductor Machine


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- High-pressure hydraulic rotating unions for wind turbines



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