Deublin product line: SRT
Slip Rings - Through Bore



Deublin product line: SRT

Slip Rings - Through Bore

SRT-25 SRT-38 SRT-50
Type Through Bore Through Bore Through Bore
Inner Diameter 25,4mm / 1 inch 38,1mm / 1-1/2 inch 50,8 / 2 inches
Signal Current 5A 5A 5A
Max number of
channels signal
48 48 72
Power Current 10A 10A 10A
Max number of channels Power 36 36 48
Housing Material Plastic Plastic Plastic
Cover Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Conductor Ring Material Silver/Gold plated Silver/Gold plated Silver/Gold plated
Lead length 300mm 300mm 300mm
Protection class IP51-68 IP51-68 IP51-68
Max rotational speed 250/1000 RPM 250/1000 RPM 250/1000 RPM
Mounting position Vertical/Horizontal Vertical/Horizontal Vertical/Horizontal
Working temperature -30°C/80°C -30°C/80°C -30°C/80°C
Operating Humidity 0-85% RH 0-85% RH 0-85% RH
Rotation sense CW/CCW CW/CCW CW/CCW
Rated Voltage 0-240/440/690VAC/DC 0-240/440/690VAC/DC 0-240/440/690VAC/DC
Self Diagnosis PCB yes yes yes
Polyfilament brushes/Data channels yes yes yes
Graphite brushes no no no
Insulation resistance >1000 Mohm/500VDC >1000 Mohm/500VDC >1000 Mohm/500VDC
Insulation strength >1000VAC @ 50Hz 60 sec >1000VAC @ 50Hz 60 sec >1000VAC @ 50Hz 60 sec
Electrical Noise < 10 mOhm < 10 mOhm < 10 mOhm
Cable wire AWG18-20 AWG18-20 AWG18-20
Torque Approx 0,1Nm Approx 0,1Nm Approx 0,1Nm



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